Thursday, January 5, 2017

Who is the Guns for Gals Customer?

"We Are G4G"

If this was a video, the background music would be set to Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman" 
We get a lot of assumptions about the Guns for Gals customer- she's an expert shooter, an avid hunter, and a marksman!  She's rad, bad, and powerful. Don't mess with this girl!  

Truth be told, we do get a lot of ladies in our shop who fit that description to a T, but she's not the woman we see in our doors 80% of the time. So who is she?  She's someone's mother, fearful of the latest events on the news.  She's someone's grandmother, recently widowed and unsure of how to protect herself without her soulmate by her side.  She's someone's daughter, freshly 21 and terrified to be on her own.  

She's young, she's elderly, she's confident, she's scared. 

She wants to know how she can take her safety into her own hands.  

A vast majority of our customers come to us because they fear they cannot protect themselves on their own.  Many are in wheelchairs, and unable to run from a would-be predator.  Many are elderly, losing strength and unsure of how to defend themselves as the world becomes ever stronger than they are.  A good number are pregnant, thinking of how to defend the precious child they are miraculously creating within themselves.  

Why am I telling you this?  Because as the years have gone by, it has become increasingly obvious to us that these women need a place to go.  A listening ear to guide them through the tough decision of choosing something they'll trust to defend their life with, God forbid the need arises.  These women have touched our hearts and given us an ever growing passion for what we do.   We want to share these women's stories with you, to show you that you aren't alone.  This is why we're creating a new feature, entitled "We Are G4G" to feature the amazing women who make us who we are- from the adventure-seeking huntress who loves the trill of the hunt, to the range goddess, to the timid beginner, we want to hear your stories.  

If you're interested in being featured on "We Are G4G" send us your favorite range day photo, or any picture that makes you feel confident and strong.  Tell us why you carry, and a little about your favorite firearm or holster. We'll pick a new lady (or gentleman!) each week to inspire and empower the internet!

*Send your submissions Here for consideration*

Also, join us on Twitter for a LIVE Q&A Monday January 9th.  Send us your questions using the hashtag #ASKG4G and we'll tackle as many as we can!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Guns for Gals is now on Snapchat!  Join us for secret deals and steals. From now until NYE snap a photo in our store and share it with us for SUPER sweet swag!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Top 5 Firearms Women Buy at Our Store

We're wired a little differently than our male counterparts.  We have different likes, different needs, and different notions of what makes us safe and what doesn't. Sure, anything he can do we can do just as well, but that doesn't change the fact that we're just *different*.  If you've had the itch to try out a firearm for home protection or personal defense, but just don't know where to start, here is a list for your consideration of the top 5 firearms our customers buy.

1.  The Sig 238
By far.  Hands down.  We can't keep them on the shelves.  Not just because they're beautiful, and not just because they come in every color imaginable.  Sig has made some kind of unicorn and pixie-dust induced magic happen with this model.  I love the look a woman gives me when she's tried the slide on EVERY firearm her husband owns with no luck, and then picks up the Sig.  It's a beautiful, "Ah-ha" moment.  A moment of pure "I can DO THIS" bliss.  And she's in love. In love with not only the slide, but the trigger pull that feels like none other, the gorgeous lines and super-concealable design.  It's a perfect mix of conceal ability and ease of use that doesn't require compromise. Yes, Sig is proud of this one.  It's not cheap.  But it's worth Every. Penny.  Let me put it this way: I own a gun store; I have access to an incredible plethora of options for concealed carry, and this is the one I trust my life to nearly every day.

2.  Walther PK380
The only thing keeping this firearm from being #1 on our list is the size.  With an almost 4" barrel, it's a bit difficult for most ladies to conceal.  But the size makes this gun an absolute range queen.  She's a beauty to fire.  Every aspect was meticulously crafted by Walther to be functional for just about anyone.  The slide is the only thing on the market smoother than that of the 238, and the trigger is nice and crisp.  Walther did away with the slide release, making an incredibly smooth transition when reloading.  Simply tug on the slide and release to chamber a round after inserting a fresh mag, and voila. You're ready to go.  Even the magazine release is easier to use for many of our hundreds of customers who are arthritic or carpal-tunnel sufferers. There is no button for your thumb to fumble for, a lever along the bottom of the trigger guard can be pulled down with two fingers, using a different set of muscles.  The Walther is my pick for range fun every time I go.  The slide is extremely well balanced, and this thing is just accurate as can be.  The ergonomic grips seem to fit in every one's hands like they were made especially for them. Is it possible for a mass-produced firearm to feel like a custom build?  Yes.  Go try the PK380 and see what I mean.

3.  Bersa's Thunder .380
Don't let the price fool you, this gun is a well-oiled machine.  At a price point around or just under $300, the Bersa Thunder is an affordable firearm that actually works.   While not being impossible to carry comfortably, it does weigh in on the heavy side.  However, the weight makes it extremely enjoyable to shoot.  This is one I steer folks to who are shy to make a range trip because of a fear of insane recoil.  The ladies who's first and only experience firing a gun was behind a .45 or .357, and swore they'd never try again because it scared the pants off them.  These ladies LOVE the Bersa Thunder.  It's also a favorite among first time gun buyers because of the expansive safety features. Not only is there a thumb safety, this firearm comes with a key that literally locks the gun.  With a turn of a key, the firearm can't even be taken down from safe.  For many this is unappealing- and I like to remind these folks that the key feature is optional.   But moms of Houdini-like toddlers who find their way into darn near EVERYTHING absolutely love this feature. The Bersa Thunder is the top pick among new moms and first time shooters for all these reasons and more.

4.  Any Hammerless .38 special
This one is tricky, because we sell an absolute perfect split between three models.  The Smith & Wesson 642 LadySmith, the Charter Arms Off-Duty, and Ruger's LCP.  All three are similar in that they offer a snag-free draw with their hammerless design, but each model appeals to a different set of ladies.

The LadySmith is classy and sleek- but an incredible powerhouse.  This particular model is rated for continuous +P use, without breaking your wrist or your cylinder.  The wood grips have comfortable finger grooves and were designed for smaller hands.  This gun not only looks good- it feels good too.  The trigger was designed to be a bit lighter than traditional double-action only revolvers and makes for a pleasant range experience that you'll be proud to show off.

Charter Arms' Off-Duty line comes in several elegant and fun colors, from black and chrome to luscious lavender and features a different grip feel.  This model is more on the affordable side, and while not being rated for continuous +P use, they can handle an occasional round or two of the good stuff blowing through the barrel.  This revolver is incredibly lightweight, making everyday carry feel less burdensome and comes with an incredible warranty.

Finally, the Ruger LCR is a surprisingly enjoyable firearm that impresses me every time I pick it up.  The reduced-friction trigger is the smoothest I've experienced from a double-action only revolver.  And I mean SMOOTH.  This model is also rated for continuous +P use while the internal structure minimizes the recoil of this much hotter round. The LCR has easily replaced grips for a different look and feel, but the included set feels good in just about every one's hands.  They've really outdone themselves on this one.

5.  The Glock 42
This is the Glock we've ALL been waiting for, and girl- did they deliver.  For anyone who has ever wanted to love a Glock but couldn't get their hands around the double stack monsters of the past, Glock's got you covered.  This new single-stack design sacrifices magazine capacity for a more streamlined and concealable frame.  With Glock's safe action trigger and the reliability we've all grown to love, this pistol is truly just as sublime as advertised. Just what is the "Safe action" trigger, many ladies ask: This is a system of three internal safety measures which are disengaged as you pull the trigger.  First, a trigger safety prevents the trigger from moving unless both split levers are pulled.  Second, a firing pin safety is disengaged as the trigger moves rearward, and finally the drop safety prevents your firearm from discharging during a hard impact.  This means one swift pull of the trigger is all that's required if you absolutely need your gun to save your life.  The Glock currently comes in several earth-tones and can be customized to your heart's content at the hands of a skilled professional.

You truly can't go wrong with any of these top sellers, but what is absolutely most important when choosing the right model for you is fit, feel, and need.  The gun has to fit your hands and your needs.  If you want a firearm for concealed carry, a larger frame or heavier gun might not be for you- but if home defense is your goal you have a whole different set of options.  I hope this list helps you narrow down your expansive list of search options and hopefully leads you to your "wedding dress gun".  You know- that gun you see and just KNOW it was made for you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Guns for Gals is now OPEN in McKinney!

After years of hard work and dedication, we are so proud to announce the opening of our very first storefront in McKinney, Texas.  Please join us Tuesday through Thursday from 10-6 for our friends and family special hours with our Grand Opening December 10 & 11. Bring your sisters, your moms, your girlfriends and grandmas (and bring the guys too!)

We have handguns, rifles, and shotguns for sale with a wide range of accessories.  Need a firearm transferred from out of state? We do that too!  Transfers are $25 without a LTC and only $20 for license holders.  Come in and say hello, look around and stay awhile.  We hope to see you soon!

~Patrick and Cassie

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Do you remember?

Today we remember the friends and family who never came home,  and the heroes who tirelessly, selflessly gave their time and love to help a city in need.
We should also take a moment to remember how close we all became. 
Do you remember the pride in seeing our flag among the dust,  standing boldly with the men and women whose names we never heard,  flying in defiance against those who tried to tear us down?
Do you remember the strangers who became family as hands were outstretched to pick up the pieces of our country?
Do you remember the love, the closeness, the incredible PRIDE we shared when we should have been broken?
What happened to us?  Why does it take a tragedy to being us  together?  Smile at that quiet stranger on the subway.  Bring the widow on your street a meal and a good laugh. Thank a vet.  Hug your kids. Call your mom.  Remember the people you pass on the street are people too. It only takes a moment, and it's free. 
Making America great again has less to do with who leads this country than with the people who fill the cities, small towns and offices.  It's up to us to make it great,  by remembering the lessons we learned 15 years ago and loving each other for no better reason than because we are Americans.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Overcoming fear and learning to defend yourself. Find your inner warrior!

One of the most common phrases I hear from women who are picking up a firearm for the first time, or discussing their first gun purchase is, "I'm scared."

The power, the noise, and the finality of a firearm can be intimidating your first time at the range, and that's perfectly normal.  When I was first learning how to drive, my dad told me it was better to be a little afraid than a little cocky.  Having a healthy fear for a thing tends to make you use it cautiously, where being a bit overconfident can lead to carelessness (and the range is a place where carelessness is never welcome!)

Confidence comes with practice; and overcoming your fear of learning to use a firearm usually requires three things:

A trusted educator

Not everyone knows someone who is willing or able to share their knowledge and experience of firearms with a beginner.  If you have access to a firearm, and know someone who you can trust to show you the ropes, you're already one step ahead!  Sit down and discuss firearm handling and basic gun safety.  Starting with a gun that you know is unloaded in an environment where you know you won't have to fire it before ever stepping into a range takes off a load of pressure.  Most beginners feel that they need to know everything on range day, and feel ashamed to ask questions.   If the person you've entrusted with your education is impatient with you, or treats you badly for not knowing as much as they do, it's time to find a new instructor!

It also never hurts to try and educate yourself.  The internet is a treasure trove of information, and while not every firearm functions the same, you can still develop a basic understanding through internet resources.  Showing up on range day already knowing where the mag release is, how to rack a slide, and where to position your thumbs?  How awesome are you?!

Your first time at the range, I always recommend starting off on the small end of the caliber scale.  A 22lr in a large frame firearm makes for a pleasant start.  The recoil is mild, allowing you to focus on things like firearm handling and accuracy.  Don't let anyone tell you that a 22lr isn't a good place to start because it isn't a "Good self defense round."
We aren't trying to take down a moose.  We're just putting some holes in paper, and the 22lr is still plenty lethal.

A new trend that is popping up all over the US is female-friendly range groups.  According to the NSSF's yearly study on woman and firearms, almost 50% of the women polled don't feel welcome at male-oriented shooting ranges.  As an answer to this, a good deal of ranges are offering ladies-only classes.  You can learn to use a firearm surrounded by women just like you, often times being taught by a woman who understands your fears and concerns. There are even groups by experience level- which means you won't be the only one with questions, and your instructor will be more than happy to guide you from step 1.  If you decide to join a range group, do your research.  Find a group that promises to support its members.  You deserve to be with people who want to take this journey with you- who want to see you succeed.  Find a range that suits your needs and go for it!

All of these things are useless, however, without your own determination.  YOU have to decide that you're worth your own protection.  You can't do this because your husband, your dad, or your brother wants you to.  You have to do this for you.

So get out there.  Learn how to defend yourself, and find your inner warrior.  You're worth it, girl.

Monday, July 18, 2016

ShePax Purse Giveaway!!

From now until August 31st we are playing an internet-wide game of tag!  One lucky winner will receive an Original ShePax concealed carry purse.  The ShePax design features a removable Velcro holster, a locking concealed carry zippered compartment with two keys, retractable handles, and TONS of storage space!  How do you win?  With a simple game of TAG!

Upload your favorite photo of yourself at the range, or showing off your favorite method of carry with a short description of why YOU chose to carry and include the hashtags #Guns4Gals and #WhyShePax

Post your pics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pintrest to win!  Don't forget to include the hashtags #Guns4Gals and #WhyShePax and tell us why you chose to carry- it could be inspirational, powerful and uplifting, or even just "Because I can"  One lucky winner will be chosen to receive this fabulous bag by ShePax!